Inventtory & Warehouse

Stay on top of your inventory, always.

Inventory and Warehouse

Deciding the correct inventory management setup for your company is not a simple task; it requires a wise calculation of your needs at present and foresight for further growth. The setup should be arranged in such a manner that can accommodate the expansion of your business with time. It should be flexible enough to enable change and give you the visibility you need to deal with inventory requirements.
Conventional on-site ERP systems and other less evolved systems generally are not equipped with the real-time visibility needed to fully manage inventory typically lack the real-time visibility required to effectively manage inventory. A lot of companies just get by and manage inventory by resorting to preparing unsophisticated spreadsheets. This could potentially result in lost revenue from stock-outs or thousands of dollars in emergency supply replenishment.
At BigBook cloud software we offer an effective and modern alternative to outdated systems for inventory management. With this software our clients are enabled with real-time visibility into inventory and they can access critical information at anytime, no matter where they are. It is designed to function at the core of an ERP system and it integrates flawlessly with logistics and financial planning. Its high-tech capabilities do not require any manual input, reducing probability of error and generates maximum efficiency throughout the inventory lifecycle.
BigBook cloud software will scale accordingly as your company grows, from a local warehouse setup to a multi-branch chain spanning several areas. Our cloud software has the feature to add multiple users according to increasing requirements without the hefty cost and toil needed to install a whole new system from scratch. We let you pick the correct level of warehouse and inventory management tech for your industry or company. You do not have to divulge into unnecessary complications and we give you virtually endless capacity for additional users and data.
Through our BigBook software you can access your inventory and warehouse locations with real-time visibility. Whether domestic or international, you have both global visibility and localized control so that inventory can be managed conveniently. This sort of helpful feature will positively affect purchasing requirements versus transfer requirements.
Unlike conventional management approaches, you do not remain tethered to a desk. With us at BigBook cloud accounting software, warehouse and inventory management will be simpler and easier than ever before.